Elevate your attire with the GCDS collection. From its conception in Milan, Italy in 2015 the GCDS brand has always aimed to prioritise “culture-wear" over streetwear on a global level. Established by co-founder brothers Giuliano and Giordano Calza, with creative director and CEO roles the GCDS brand is self-styled as ‘anti-label' which created the viral success that continues for the brand worn by influencers to popstars. With a strive to redefine ‘Made in Italy' with locally made products featuring Japanese comics and anime influences that are contrary to classic Italian designs.The range features avant-garde-meets-streetwear pieces with classic silhouettes featuring outlandish more-is-more graphics and contemporary unique collaborations and culture references. The GCDS promises to deliver the unexpected with every season drop for fresh and exciting designs that will refresh your wardrobe.

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