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The world of Gucci Beauty envisions true expression within a line of makeup and fragrances. Layer by Layer, with easy and buildable textures, create your own beauty alchemy. Explore the enchanting world of Gucci perfumes and aftershaves, with an array of signature scents. Choose Gucci Flora, a fragrance collection that captures the essence of blossoming gardens or immerse yourself in the allure of Gucci Bamboo, a scent that embodies strength and femininity. For a captivating olfactory experience, discover Intense Oud or opt for Gucci Guilty for a bold and contemporary fragrance, reflecting the brand's fearless spirit. Beyond fragrance, the Gucci makeup line is equally captivating. Perfect your pout with Gucci lipsticks in soft pink and bold red hues or decorate your nails with a Gucci nail lacquer. Featuring Gucci mascara for voluminous lashes, alongside foundations, lip balms and eyeshadows, elevate your beauty ritual with the latest collection.

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